What does google say about you ?

Google is no doubt the king of internet and all online businesses in operation depends on google search engines to bring them customers.

Every year, over 1.2 trillion searches are made and the algorithms are designed so precisely that every result is accurate and to the point. With that accuracy, Google results can predict a lot about any brand that is making efforts for online branding and search engine optimization.

Here is what Google can tell about your business:

#1. Business Potential

Whenever a business is set-to-launch, investors watch out for the potential and understand what ROI can be expected in the first year of operation.

Google results in your business are enough to explain its potential. If you get to see advertisements on the top of search results and find results fluctuating regularly, it means that more investors are coming on board and can offer you a lot of financial opportunities later on.

#2. Scalability

Next, we have scalability options to test with Google. If you’re ranking #1 with your product/service term and receiving regular clicks right from Google searches, you have got bright chances for the scalability.

As soon as the product/service goes viral, you will have more visitors coming towards your business website offering you better conversions. This is where the business scalability comes in.

#3. Competition

We already discussed the ads that appear before the organic results in the ‘business potential’ section and here’s how it works as a gateway to understanding business niche and its competition.

“The more competitive a keyword is, the more search results and ads would be there.”

If you search for your business website and find a number of relevant websites listed there, all you need is to get ready for the competition. Invest in paid ad campaigns, build your online presence everywhere and be sure to produce quality content as it is the most essential factor that decides the overall loop.

#4. Online Branding

After the competition, a Google search can share details on how good you are at branding. If you have invested rightly to build your online presence, your website will manage to get about top #3 spots (or more) this is where online branding comes in, just focus on branding strategies and Google will calculate the success ratio:

 Why a solid online presence is so important?

A solid online presence is needed for every business and it is the only way to grab more customers on board. Right now, we have mobile phones and accessing information is just a tap away. Most of the purchases are being done online and the digital environment is getting penetrated in every market we find.

Customers are looking for convenient solutions like ordering products/services right from their living rooms which demands a solid online presence for every business.

What you need is to develop a website, showcase your products/services, have contact forms, e-mail or landline so that customers can contact you with their projects and details right from their smartphone or desktop.

Also, you can unleash the potential of social media by creating online profiles and pages to showcase your products/services. We have millions of individuals that take help from their social media timelines to find their desired products/services and make purchases. This way, a combination of a custom website and a social presence is what we all require.

The Bottom Line

Whether you succeed in other audience-building streams or not, Google is the finest choice when it comes to potential customers. Social media websites and other strategies fail when we analyse the conversion rates as compared to what Google offers.

Make sure you master the art of Search Engine Optimization and rock on Google’s #1 page.

Wishing you all the best for your digital business journey ahead.