Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

About iSIP Services

iSip Internet and Services is IT & T service provider based in Melbourne , Australia . iSIP Internet and Services  business is registered in Australian Securities & Investment Commissions (ASIC) with Registration Number:B2178914E | ABN : 88 773 200 808 |

By accessing this website (www.isip.com.au , www.isipservices.com.au & isipservices.com) and our services you agree to be bound to the following terms and conditions of use. Hereafter “iSIP” and “iSIP Services” refers to same business entity “iSIP Internet and Services”.



This website is the copyright property of iSIP Internet and Services. Copyright and other relevant intellectual property rights exists on all text relating to the iSIP services and the full content of this website


Privacy  Statement

iSIP collect personal identification information from Users only if they voluntarily submit such information to us. Users can always refuse to supply personally identification information, unless they sign a binding agreement with iSIP for any services.


Disclaimers and Legal Information

Information published in the website are sole property of iSIP Services. iSIP will make best effort to ensure the correctness of the contents published in this website, however does not guarantee the same. Users are advised to consult the expert before making any decision.

iSIP reserves the right to change or modify these terms or any other iSIP Policies  related to use of the application or services at any time  and at its sole discretion by posting revisions on the website


Service  Agreement

The service agreement is between the iSIP Services and Client which sets out both parties obligation under this binding agreement.

The Clients means any company, subsidiary, firm or individual or agent thereof who orders any service offered by iSIP Services.

Services means any ” web design, web development, programming, e-commerce solution, digital marketing, search engine optimization, networking, IT & T consultancy and any other services offered by iSIP Services.

By Agreeing the terms and conditions both iSIP Services and Clients agree to the following binding agreement.


Service Engagement

Any services provided by iSIP will incur cost. The Service level agreement and associated cost will be communicated with Client during face to face meeting or by electronic means. A quote describing the services &  associated cost will be provided to client prior to commencement of the work which gives clear indication of the service and cost.

iSIP will time to time provide service package  to provide best value for clients and have own set of terms and conditions. iSIP packages price are indicative only and may change based on client service requirement . Full terms of conditions can be provided for each service as required by the client during the agreement.


 iSIP often provide WebPackage and the meaning of the following  terms apply:


  • *Unlimited Design Revisions only during the design phase. Not applicable for development phase. Additional cost apply for revisions beyond design phase.
  • *Domain Registration and web hosting are included in the package for first year only. Renewal fees  for domain and hosting applies from second year.
  • *Professional support provided in web package is included for first year only and can only be used for minor revisions, hosting and website maintenance and subject to fair use.
  • * Unlimited E-mail accounts are limited to the web hosting space.
  • *Please contact us for full terms and conditions.


Fees and Payment Terms.

The Client agree to pay all the fees for services provided as per the quote/invoice supplied by iSIP Services within a month of the first invoice. If  any money payable by the client is not paid by due date , a late payment fee of $15 per month. Overdue amount will incur interest at the current market loan rate.

Upfront payment of 50% is required in order for the iSIP Services to commence delivery of any contract project. The remainder 50% of the invoice outstanding becomes payable once all services outlines on the invoice have been completed.


Terms of Agreement

The agreement commences on the date of this agreement  and terms of this Agreement to be determined between the both parties as required.


Warranties and Customer satisfaction

iSIP will make every effort to give best services to customers. Warranties and customer satisfaction depends on number of factors  and iSIP does not provide warranties on services failure which are beyond our control. Money back guarantee applies for web design service during design phase only.



This Service Agreement may be terminated during the terms of the Agreement by either party upon giving 15 days’ notice of the termination to the other. However, funds for website design and development, domain name and hosting are strictly non-refundable.

iSIP Services shall treat any contract terminated if the Client breaches any terms or conditions thereof which in the case of breach capable of remedy is not remedied within fourteen (14) days of the client receiving written notification from iSIP Services.


 Dispute Resolution

Both parties are equally responsible for dispute resolution. Case will be resolved considering the terms and conditions provided in service level agreement . Please note that strictly no charges are refundable for Web design and development, domain name and website hosting.